Manipulation by girl : Myth

Last year, I was watching MTV Roadies, and one girl said that men are born stronger physically and what compensates that in women is their manipulating power.
She further continued to add that by manipulating men, she could evade a long queue and could get the work-done, and stated similar other instances.

Sometimes, I too, allow some to evade the queue if their reasons seem valid (the situation could be considered to an ambulance seeking way on a traffic-ridden road), at times we have TO BE HUMBLE INSTEAD OF BEING RIGHT.
Just as to most, it doesn’t matter if in the ambulance is a men or women, so, to most people it doesn’t matter if you are a men or women.
It just depends upon the person you approach.

=The case of manipulation

Let us suppose, a men/boy helps out just owing to “being women/girl”, and the driving factor as often supposed be “attraction”.
How long could that system of manipulation work?
May be it may end by late 30s.
What doesn’t lasts long, I do not put that in “Empowerment Category”.
Same goes with flattery, until and unless your work speaks volume about you, no amount of flattery will be able to get you success.
That’s why I don’t believe in flattery as a tool to success.
Many invest their time and money on it, which I don’t encourage.

Other supporting facts:

-I have seen people offering their seats to specially-abled, what would one account that for?

-I myself had been offered seats many times in trains and buses in teens, what would one account that for?

-I have seen people leaving their seats to be occupied by old-aged, what’s the reason behind that?

– What about men helping out men?

Then again,

I have seen no seats being offered to teen-girls, women, in trains and buses.
What do you think is the reason behind?

It is all just a matter of humanity.
Some still show kind gestures, not all do so to look cool or form a relationship with a girl (as pre-conceived in the term “manipulation”).

P.S. Women/girls are biologically stronger than men/boys.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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