You are lucky if you are Engineer.

In this era of technology, as technological advancements take place, it creates a divide between those who are comfortable with adapting to them and those who aren’t.
Bill Gates said, be good to nerds as likelihood of your working for a nerd is very high.
“Digital Divide” is a term that is extensively used to point to people who aren’t connected through social media.
Social media had allowed the dissemination of information possible at a very rapid rate.
It is playing a crucial role in advertising, marketing and expanding new start-ups and small businesses.
Hence, it has positioned those who don’t use it or don’t know how to use it at disadvantaged end.
The power of social media if used in judicious way cannot be ignored.
No matter if you come from a rural background or from a city, if you pursue engineering, you get an opportunity to have an access to understand technology.

In India, still there are millions who don’t have access to Internet.
Google is one of the best information tools at your disposal.
You are just a click away from the information you wish to get acquainted with.

-Competitive Examinations

There are millions who just have books as a source of information.
They don’t have access to internet.
They have to consult a book or a teacher in case any confusion or query arises.
On other hand there are those who have access to Internet and can get their queries resolved within few seconds.
That’s how easy your life is as an engineer!
Engineers are better at adapting to technological developments.

Though due to mushrooming of engineering colleges, the quality of engineers has deteriorated; still they are at a disadvantaged place owing to better infrastructure and learning environment in engineering colleges than colleges of other streams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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