I am behind your success: Myth

My each blog post tries to explore an idea, a more productive and easy way of doing things and life hacks.
But I consider the implementation part the most difficult.
It is hard changing one’s life. One faces lots of challenges and problems.
There shall be times when one feels quitting and starts doubting oneself.
I regard it as your own ability to go ahead ignoring your fears. The fears of failure overwhelm many time. To ignore them requires lots of courage and determination.
Most people look to extra-ordinary success as a straight line trajectory.
But in reality, one goes through lots of ups and downs.
In those moments of downs, you may approach me or may look at my blog; some words may fill you with positivity and optimism.
Then again, it’s you who have to take care of all aspects of your life.
It’s you who have to take right actions.
It is easy to write inspiring words, to motivate but really difficult to walk the path of uncertainties with lots of failures and disappointments.
I do acknowledge your actions in building your life.
Even each step you take to make your life look better is commendable.

=Strengthen Your Will-Power

By taking right ACTIONS instead of sitting in some kind of despondency makes your WILL-POWER stronger.
It has now been proven that WILL-POWER IS JUST LIKE MUSCLE.
The more you practice, the stronger it becomes.
If you quit practicing, slowly and gradually it acquires the same previous state.

So, most efforts are yours. You owe to your success.
You shall be lone walking the hardest and the darkest lanes of your life.
We are just companions along the way.
Let me ease your journey.
Let me be a good companion.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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