Can Social Media replace Real Life?

Social media has revolutionized our lifestyle.
One can be easily spotted using fb and other social networks in recess, while travelling, during lunch and in leisure time.
Social networks have emerged as a way to form relationships.
Now-a-days, the time spent on social networks is quite alarming.
Some suggest that it is spoiling our younger generation.
As their time is critical and must be invested in learning, physical playful activities, and pursuing hobbies.
(It is true to some extent, as most youngsters don’t know how to use social media in a strategic way or simply spend too much time on fb scrolling the news feed and chatting)

-News feed

Your friends posting a picture of them eating at an eatery or visiting a sight-seeing doesn’t add “any learning to you”.
Chatting for long-hours doesn’t add value to your far flung relationships.
Chatting once in a while with friends to stay connected is nice but “unrestricted chatting can affect your real life significantly”.
It steals away your time from real life that could have been possibly used to do some crazy stuffs.
The opinions expressed by your friends on day-to-day happenings may not be “of much use to you” as they may not be experts in the fields.
Instead follow “The Hindu” for the same.

So, social media has penetrated in our real life significantly.
Due to its penetration conversations in real life have shown a dip.
But that doesn’t mean that social media shall overtake real life.

= Ask anyone who is using fb from years, he/she may tell you that they don’t find it interesting or much engaging any longer.
They might be using it as a convenience to stay connected with friends.

= We have five senses. Social Media cannot engage our all five senses at a time.
Conversations in real life and interaction with Nature involve all the five senses. So, there shall always be “something is missing” when you use social networks.

When online chat rooms became famous in online community, it was overestimated that people won’t love meeting in real life to others.
Still, we all hang out with friends and enjoy get-togethers.
We talk to strangers.
We all like human-to-human interactions.
Virtual world shall never be able to overpower real world owing to its inability to engage our all five senses.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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