I don’t entertain idiots.

It took me more than 3 years to become capable of distinguishing between positive and negative people.
Negative people are the ones who can erode you from within.
Les Brown, Motivational Speaker, even suggests leaving a place, locality if that is full of people who complain, doesn’t work-hard, gossip, criticize, and demoralize.
They do to you more harm than they benefit you.

Few days back, I received a call from an unknown number, the conversation started from other end, hello Sir.
I responded; yes speak, as I do mostly.
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, Sir, I have hunger for girls, said the person on the other end.
I disconnected the call.
It is my thumb rule to “not entertain idiots”.
I do not wish to know whosoever that person might have been.
Though, one could trace the details by TRUECALLER.
But what’s the need?
The person didn’t call back, that’s simply a good sign, that that person has got the answer, I suppose.

==Peace of mind

That should be your top priority.
If you entertain every idiotic thing happening around you, your focus degrades.
You tend to lose peace of your mind.
To stay calm and at remain peace, focus on good things.

==How to get out of Negative Conversations.

Simply say, “Would have loved to be part of conversation but I’m afraid as I have to leave for some important piece of work, you guys carry on”.
You will have to do so many times.
You can behave rudely to unknowns, strangers and can easily get out from there.
But what if they are your friends and closed ones?
You can ask politely to leave.

=How to be at Peace

Don’t let the outer voice suppress your inner voice.
As someone rightly said, things may happen around you, things may happen to you, but what really count are the things that happen within you.
So, be conscious about what goes within you.
As you practice, you shall be able to shift your negative thoughts to positives.
By mastering what happens inside you determines your peace, happiness, and success in life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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