How to deal with bad times?

The life throws at us bad and good days alike.It’s easy to have a control over life when everything around you happens as per your wish.
There are no efforts required to remain happy when your surrounding is supportive and compassionate.
Failures and bad times are inevitable; we all have to face them now and then.
Being prepared and having a strategy to deal with devastating situations always help to ease your journey.


To keep calm amidst breaking situations is must.
People around you may turn hostile, they may spread rumors, and they may start playing blame-game, making air around you hot.
You have to firmly believe that “these painful events shall pass soon”.
Do not react. Don’t allow situations to overwhelm you.
As said, things may happen to you, or they may happen around you but what really count is the things that happen inside you.
Do give a thought on “Few things shall really matter as a result of this devastating situation in my life after 10 years from now”.
So, have patience to tolerate some shit out of situation and focus on “things that shall matter after 10 years.”
Also, what one say about you is MYTH until and unless it is by a wise person.


This should be your 1st priority.
Take actions that seem relevant.
Some shall prove wrong with time.
But don’t mind them as if one doesn’t take action, one remains at the same place.
So, whether you are having a gala time or bad time- ACTIONS are must.
It is the worst idea to become numb and fall prey to inaction.
Things shall always be hazy and difficult in bad times, but you have to take the decision to ACT.
Stillness is not a way to deal with bad times.
Don’t sit in some kind of despondency, ACT.
The result of your actions shall either pull you up or throw you down.
If it pulls you, then it’s good if it don’t you need to have your next move, a new ACTION to avert bad time and convert it into an enjoyable one.

Remember, you have limited time on this Earth, so, even you don’t have time to be negative.
You have to ACT and believe that your actions shall pave way to an amusing journey ahead.
Have faith that your actions shall alleviate your bad times.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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