How to utilize Quora for developing skills: UPSC

How to utilize Quora for developing skills: UPSC

Quora is a great platform to hone one’s answering capabilities based on one’s experiences and learning’s.
You can also get feedbacks from other users.
At times, you may be appreciated for your answers and other times, you may be surprised to notice “enrichments” in your answers by users that correcting and point out loopholes.
It’s a place where you can discuss about any issue in a constructive way.

==How to use it==

Just keep answering to questions based upon your present knowledge and experiences.
Let the answers be lucid and self-explanatory.
The questions asked are random, so focus to answer questions related to Ethics, Integrity and Moral issues.
As the above theme allows you to discover ideas on “How to live a significant life” , prepares you for interview and UPSC.
In UPSC, you shall be confronted to questions you may never have had seen or thought about, so by practicing, you can develop your skills to face “random questions” in UPSC as well as in interviews. Indirectly it shall prepare you for Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude paper of CSE. Above all, this habit of answering questions not only caters to curiosity of users but also helps them in a meaningful way.
As you go on with this habit, you shall get better at answering and writing skills.
Whenever, you feel over-worked, anxious, or not-in-a-mood, just log in to your quora account and reply to some questions.
It is one of the best ways to utilize your not-so-good-days. As Mother Teresa said, “If you’re feeling helpless, help someone”.

Caution: use Quora occasionally.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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