Get exceptionally better at 2-3 things

Get exceptionally better at 2-3 things

To be happy, wealthy and successful, one needs not to be super-human. What is required is just getting bright at 2-3 things professionally. In this age of massive distraction and possibilities, it is normal to believe that to be extra-ordinary requires one to be
But that is not true.
One just needs to FOCUS on 2-3 professional skills.
If you learn too many things, you tend to lack expertise.
On the other hand, if you focus continually on learning few things, you incline yourself to perfection.
So, the new idea to be financially successful is by getting remarkable at few things.

==Case of Generalists==

Generalists are never paid hefty salaries.
Experts bag high-salaried jobs.
So, you should aspire to be an expert instead of being generalist. Focus shouldn’t be on becoming jack of all trade.

==Expert of your Art==

Your work is your craft so allow it to be creative, magnificent and enthralling piece of work.

How to focus on FEW things that matter?

Delegate, never hesitate to delegate your tasks.
Delegation allows you to focus on most important tasks.
It helps you to finish up with first priority work first.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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