Don’t feel bad about yourself

Don’t feel bad about yourself

In midst of devastating situations, we may look down to our
helplessness and may start feeling bad about ourselves.
You might have made a mistake.
You might have failed to judge a person in your life and it might have hurt for being sincere and naïve to trust someone.
You might have failed miserably despite continued efforts.
You might have suffered dark and gloomy day’s life threw at you. You may hold some resentment related to relationships, failures or inability to perform as fear gripped you for a while.

What to do in bad-times?

Bad times aren’t the times to feel bad about oneself.
It is not the time to play blame game.
It is not the time to quit.
Yes, life may not seem fair all the time.
People may not be kind to you all the time.
You may be blamed, brutally assaulted or even may be killed.

It’s the time to stand up again.
It’s time to figure out ways to achieve breakthroughs.
It’s time to take an attempt to get control over your life.
It’s time to make a fresh beginning.


Have the courage to walk alone.
In life you may be left behind, uncared, unattended and unloved. The lanes may appear lonely, studded with sorrow, hurts and pains. There may be no signs of relief as you travel the path alone on a dark lane full of despair and despondency.
You shall feel constantly to quit, anger may prevail, and you may feel broken, still be firm to your decisions.
The decisions that change our lives are taken at most depressing and breaking moments of life.

Remember, we all are COMPANIONS.
We all are here on Earth for a very short duration of time.
The best way to utilize one’s life is by easing each other’s journey. If you don’t find a companion, go alone for a while, in a long journey, you shall find one.
Yes, you will find one, more loving, more caring, more supporting and an epitome of Mother!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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