Why is CONFIDENCE must for life.

Why is CONFIDENCE must for life.

If you have low-confidence, you shall get stuck in real life. Progress in real life is not possible without confidence.
One with low-confidence doesn’t takes up assignments.
Feeling of “what others may think” becomes dominant.
It becomes difficult to express one’s point of view by being gripped by fear of mockery.

Experience@ first book I reviewed.

I was into blogging.
I liked it, so did it relentlessly.
I discovered some fellow bloggers reviewing books.
I got interested in book reviewing as I wished to be novelist in future. So, the idea was inclined to future aspirations.
As a result of which, I approached Prita Yadav through facebook & messaged her that I’m a blogger and would love to review her book “KLASS- A Man is Lifeless Without A Passion In His Life!”, she agreed and sent the review copy to me.
It was the first time I reviewed a book.
If you look at history, most successful people had started doing something & learned the requisite skills later on.
Richard Branson advocates that one should take up assignments as one will soon learn “how to do it”.

Dr. Ujjwal Patni (International Trainer and Motivational Speaker)

Then, I approached Ujjwal Patni sir through facebook, the social media representative gave me the permission to transcript his videos.

=Confidence is MUST as a freelancer=

If you wish to be a freelancer, initially, it is must that you approach people and ask for assignments.
If you do your freelancing work with hard-work, you may be recommended to others as well.
As you get better at your art, people start to approach you. The same fact is true for Bollywood.
One makes connections and tries to get film roles.
If one performs well, is recommended for roles in other movies.

If you lack confidence, you shall never be able to approach people, or start new ventures.
I tell you that the journey as a blogger has boosted up my confidence to manifold times than I had in the past.
I’m comfortable while having conversations with reputed authors and writers. So, start interacting with people who are doing better than you, it shall help in boosting your confidence.
Remember, confidence is must for sustained and dynamism in your life. You need to work-out a little if you feel low in confidence after every couple of days.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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