Why I don’t believe in certifications

Why I don’t believe in certifications

Last year, I decided to do something in real life.
I had realized that if you produce results in real life, you merely need any certificates.
Do not go for a certification that is easily available.
Today, a lot of certification institutes and training centers have mushroomed. They charge hefty money from you and in lieu of it they provide you certificates.
Let the truth be told, they are of no use.
Most professional people go for certification because they need it legally to run some institute or offer some services.


I’m a VSKILLS Certified Real Estate Consultant, so I can open up some consulting firm related to real estate.
Even if you work as a real estate agent, it builds your credibility. Though, I don’t much recommend one to go for such certifications. It is much better to work hard & start your journey until and unless you expect a job role in that industry using such certifications. As when you start, you develop contacts in that field.
You get to learn from industry experts.
One has a chance to interact with others in the same profession. Companies and industries don’t give much attention to such certificates. Only your 10th, 12th and Graduation degree holds their maximum attention.


The best advice I can give is to concentrate on your graduation. Build necessary skills.
If you have skills, you can pass many certifications.
If you are from CSE branch, one must concentrate on learning various languages, coding & decoding & other technical knowhow.
If you wish to go for Android Apps Development, start building apps. They shall not only enhance your knowledge but also gives you glimpse of your job role as an Android Apps Developer.
If you are from other branches, you can build your credibility by blogging on your concepts, applications and recent developments. By the end of 4 years of engineering you must have skills that shall enable you to perform extra-ordinarily in industry.

==Case of Stay Foolish==

If I register stayfoolish.in as a company under Companies Act, I can also provide internship opportunities, appreciation certifications & job titles (unpaid) to those who have affinity towards certificates. I was recently approached by a .com domain website for an internship opportunity.
It was unpaid internship for 3 months.
The interns were required to write & post articles as a member on the website. The frequency to be maintained was 3-4 articles each day.
They highlighted the fact that one could work from home and after completion of internship one shall be given a certificate of merit for the contribution to the website.
I declined the offer.
The number of articles I would need to submit in 3 months would be around 250. That’s a good figure.
Why would one blogger do that?
A blogger can publish the same on one’s blog.
Most bloggers write what they love to.
They adore their audience.

==Online Counseling==

If one wishes to make Online Counseling a career, one can go for one such certification and start doing it.
So, one need not to be pawn of certificates, instead, one needs to get certified only if one wishes to make a career in that field. For learning and other stuffs you can go for YouTube videos. Just apply your learning in real life; you shall never need a certificate for what you do.
I don’t need to get certified as a blogger because I’m a blogger. I don’t need a certification of Book Reviewer because I have reviewed many books of acclaimed authors.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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