I do not look good: MYTH

I do not look good: MYTH

I have encountered many girls and boys who suffer from inferiority complex.
They feel that they don’t look good enough.
Some ascribe “I don’t look good enough” based upon their color and others being obese.
It is funny that some attribute “not good enough” to not having a girlfriend or boyfriend.
Remember, in life, we do not need people with good looks but people with incredible hearts.
Also, there exists a myth that if one isn’t fair and dynamic, can never have a girl of her dreams as girlfriend and vice-versa.
But that’s a myth.
Robert Kiyosaki (author of RICH DAD POOR DAD) never believed that Kim Kiyosaki (good looking) shall ever accept his proposal.
But they are happy and living together now.

==Deciding Your Partner==

Your partner must be an open-minded person with “BIG HEART”.
“BIG HEART” is a necessary condition.
A person with big heart can keep you happy in most adverse situations.
He/she need not to be too good in looks.

==In early 30’s==

As we get married, in our early 30’s, looks no longer count.
As we grow older, people are not interested in your looks.
As we grow in age, we add up experiences.
Based upon them, we naturally like to be with people with “good heart”.

==Next 3 Decades==

What about next 3 decades.
From 30 to 60 of your age, you need a good and caring partner.
Looks would have faded till now; your physical needs too would have been met.
So, in the end, what counts is a partner with “nice heart”, not how one looks.
A wise person shall never invest in a person “with good look but bad heart”.
Always in life, give more priority to heart than appearance.

I have many friends in life that didn’t much care in times of crisis.
There are friends who weren’t too close chose to stand up and support me in every endeavor.
So, by my own experience, I can tell you, be with “good hearts”.

The goodness you receive shall transform your life forever.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

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