My Resolutions@ 2016

Resolutions remain resolutions if we don’t labour hard.
Sticking to your resolutions require pre-planning.
The best pre-planning is to START EARLY.
Stick to your resolutions from today what you wish @ 2016.
Still, 2.5 months are remaining in current year 2015.
You can make best use of them to learn how to stick to your resolutions.

Here are mine:

》 Being Minimalist.

Minimalism is the New Rich.
This is the age of massive distraction.
Having less means MORE TIME & UNDIVIDED ATTENTION to your top priorities.
So, in 2016, I shall buy few things.

》Living Fully.

This is the Top Priority in my resolutions @ 2016.
If you are 30, you have JUST 14,000 DAYS more to go.
Live them fully.
Make best possible use of them.

》Either do or don’t.

I had sticked to this principle from past 5-6 months & it has worked to great deal.
Shall continue to follow it meticulously.
I started blogging & had written over 450 plus blog posts.
I started Book Reviewing & have reviewed 20 books so far.
Remember, this is the age of massive competition.
Being average doesn’t serve.
So, either do what you wish to do relentlessly or don’t do it.

》Being Silent.

By being silent you can,

Listen more
Understand more
Feel more
Observe more
Learn more
Experience more.

I shall be a keen observer.

》NO complaints.

Being a victim doesn’t serve.
The things change only when we act, there is no other way.
So, I affirm not to complain but to work tirelessly for dreams.

》Reading A LOT.

I love reading.
Without reading & thinking one cannot emerge as thought-leader.
So, I shall be reading a lot.
Not just reading but focusing more on implementation.
The frequency I affirm to be a book @3 days.

》Fearless Living.

If you are not living on the edge, you are taking too much space.
So, be risk-friendly & take the plunge to Mega-Living.

》Work Work Work.

If you wish to be successful & happy, never shy from working hard.
Most people fail in life because they don’t work hard enough though they had a great idea in their mind.
I shall work hard & even harder.

Prepare a list of your own resolutions and make sure you stick to them.
Start from today & you shall be perfect at sticking to them by the end of year 2015.
What else can be a better news for you to step into 2016 than you sticked to your resolutions?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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