You Will Never Die: Truth

You Will Never Die: Truth

We all inherit some DNA sequence and they are passed to next generations.DNA controls how you shall look, color of your skin, color of your iris, type of ear lobe, and other physical characteristics.
Even what diseases you shall be prone to depends upon your DNA.
You carry some information.
It’s decoded into your DNA sequence.
No one has ever been found with same sequence.
In other words, your DNA sequence is unique.
No one could ever decode the mystery behind these sequences.
It’s sure that they contain vital information about your physical traits and more.
GENETIC HEREDITARY is the feature due to which the human race has evolved.
Else we would have remained same over generations and generations.

Even if you die, you have passed the INFORMATION to next generations.
The next generation carries the INFORMATION forward.
The process shall continue.
If we all are just INFORMATION MESSENGERS, we never die, our information always exists.
A big question, is GOD some INFORMATION?
If we all are the sons and daughters of the God, then God is the ABSOLUTE INFORMATION.
He is the SOURCE of some part of INFORMATION we carry.
That’s why God is omnipresent, may be, in the form of INFORMATION.
We say Namaste, that is, I bow to the divinity within you, is that divinity “INFORMATION “?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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