Why IAS/PCS are respected so much?

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“Because it’s examination attracts millions of aspirants”.
Not every aspirant finds place in the merit list.
Few do.
Also, the structure of examination especially CSE conducted by UPSC is based on profound testing of
one’s understanding of the subject, reading & writing skills.
So, every year many take CSE examination but all don’t succeed in it.
Believe me if you have toiled hard for something that you couldn’t make then if you meet a person who has done that, it’s respect that automatically generates from the bottom of the heart!
Beyond the attraction & job opportunities IAS offers, their work as administrative in nature. They interact with many people dispensing their duties.

$$ The best guidance I could ever find:
If you waste your time on looking for tips & tricks on “How to crack IAS exam” do read this book : “Aap IAS kaise baneyenge” by Dr. Vijay Agarwal.
Was just going through it.
It’s an awesome book & the author is brutally honest to write his prospective very clearly.
One of the lesson learned till now is that “For competitive examinations it’s not important what you are ( How
intelligent are you ), what matters the most is that “ARE YOU WILLING TO BECOME WHAT THE EXAM DEMANDS
The fact is: Few can change themselves.
Few can do on daily basis what is required from them to crack an examination.
Like , if you regularly go through journals & current affairs or not?
Do you read newspaper thoroughly or not? Do you like reading or not?
I suggest you to go through it.
A great book indeed!
Even if you are NOT going to prepare for any competitive examination, you can still find it to be of immense help.
It’s so becsuse “the basic principles remain the same”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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