Invest on Awesome things!

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Investment on better things…

If you visit a website & come across an advertisement of
“CV building” then don’t frown.
Internet is cluttered with such services.
They assure you to build your CV as per the industrial
The good part is that you will have an effective CV that may
get you to the interview table.
Then again, there are many firms offering services for
INTERVIEW training.
But the other side of concern is:
1- Quoting “Leadership” as a skill in CV won’t
make you a leader.
2- Adding “Hard Working” to your CV won’t make
you a hard-worker in real life.
3- Indicating “Good communication skills” in your
CV fails to make you so in the real life.
So, what I mean is that building an effective CV
shouldn’t be the aim.
Better lay “foundational steps” to improve your
What I mean by it is that:
If you want to be a good orator “Read Public Speaking by
Dale Carnergie”
Similarly whatever you want to learn”Tips & Tricks” are
presented in books.
Just find them & read them.
Remember:”Formal Education can make you a living, but
Self-Education can make you a fortune.”
Also, it is vital that you make changes in the real life than
making in the CV’s.

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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