Don’t be a pawn of “Certificates”, Be a Child again….!

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Everyone Human Being that ever witnessed this earth was
born with infinite “Human Capability”.
When we were born, as a child we have had an attitude of
“I Can Do It”, often fighting for “Let Me Do It”
Whether it was about cleaning the room, making tea for the
whole family, shopping, going to a market, etc. we all as a
child demanded for it.
Today, when it comes to serving a friend or a family
member, people tend to be unwilling.
Not a big deal!
The real problem is that we have let the child within us die.
As a child we never feared to fail.
But as an adult we do.
Our education system does rely on this technique.
You would have often come across “If You Fail in Exams,
You gonna Fail in Life”
It is far from truth.
If that might have been the situation all “illiterate” people
would have been poor.
But that’s not so.
In life your personality plays a major role.
How you tackle fear, do you have the courage to accept failure and work on your short-comings, how you handle emergencies, if you have the ability to learn the skills, if you have the ability to constantly tune yourself with the changing world, etc.
Life should not be centered on accumulating certificates but skills & passions.
The life that encompasses tough situations is worth living.
Your horizons expand each time you go through trials & tribulations of life.
Failures are the stepping stones to a successful life if we overcome our short-comings.
Try re-living the life as a child with hopes still in the eyes, faith in oneself, & do not let the urge to understand “what
you don’t understand” ever die.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav,

Life is easy…☺


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