VIVO Mobiles Placement drive: Analysis

VIVO Mobiles Placement drive: Analysis

Designations: Service Center Engineer, Show room Manager, Sales Manager, Terminal Assistant, Trainee Manager, etc.

Stipend in Training: 10k-12k
Salary after Training: 18k approx.

==Selection Procedure==

Technical Written Test: written test of duration 1 hour comprising of 10 questions:
1. What is resonance?
2. Describe different types of filters?
3. Difference between Full-duplexer and Half-duplexer?
4. What is Modulation and Demodulation? What are their types?
5. What are Intrinsic & Extrinsic Semiconductors?
6. What is the frequency range for Bluetooth?
7. Difference between GSM & CDMA?
8.What are the reasons for Call Drop?
9. What are the causes of ESD?
10. How is static measured?

Second Round: Introduction and Extempore

In this round, all the short-listed candidates were divided into groups of 10 each.
Each member of the group was asked to introduce him/her.
The panel consisted of 3 persons.
Then, a random topic was provided on which one had to present his or her views for approximately 5 minutes.

(My topic for Extempore was: What do you understand by promise? How many promises have you broken till today?)
My reply was, Promise is a commitment & commitment itself among many things means NO EXCUSES ARE ACCEPTABLE.
I have broken 4 promises till now, 1 to myself & 3 others in relationships.
But what I learned was life-changing experience.
I learned that we can NEGOTIATE PROMISES.
As many times situations shall be hard, we may not be able to deliver what we promised in the past to a person.
What we can do in such situations is to tell about why one wouldn’t be able to fulfill what one promised.
And to surprise you shall discover that most people shall negotiate frienddly owing to your honesty and sincerity.)

Third Round: Interview

Questions asked to me in Interview were:

Q. Will you be comfortable at relocating yourself to Jaipur?

A. Yes, I’m comfortable. In fact, I love travelling and exploring new cities and places.

Q. How you see yourself after 5 years?

A. I want to be happy with my life, whether it’s next 5 years, 10 years, or further.

Q. Your job choices indicate, Trainee Manager & Show room Manager. Why you chose so?

A. (Before interview we were asked to indicate job preferences and expected salary per annum. My preferences were Trainee Manager & Show Room Manager.
I had mentioned expected salary to be in between 30k to 40k.)

I chose Trainee Manager because I like interacting with people.
I like teaching too.
Show room Manager, because I believe I’m good at selling and persuading people to make better choices.

Q. What if we offer you the post Sales Manager?

A. I don’t have any problem with that. I believe that I shall be able to deliver my best in sales too.

The interviewers were cordial & warm.
(Though they asked most candidates if they shall work for VIVO Mobiles at 15k per month?
Those who indicated salary around 25k were asked if they shall be able to justify it.
I wasn’t asked any such question.
So, in the middle of the interview I mentioned that I’m a hard-worker and I return manifolds to what is given to me.)

==What was VIVO interested in==

In pre-placement talks, they told us that they were looking for candidates with GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS and ATTITUDE.
(I noticed that they were fairly interested in background of the candidate too. As the pay scale offered by them was not remarkable!).

==Did I got selected?==


What’s the way ahead?

Look closer to the pay scale and ponder a little over it.
VIVO Mobiles were offering something around 18k.
Suppose you salary gets incremented @ 4% per year.
Also, let us suppose that you get 2 promotions each year and each promotion adds 4k to your salary.

What shall happen after 2 years?

== 4 promotions & augmented salary 20k.
1st year: 18k+4k+4k=26k
Increment of 4%: 1,040=1k
So, after 1 year at maximum you shall earn 27k.
2nd year: 27k+4k+4k=35k
Increment of 4%: 1,400=1.5k
So, after 2 years at maximum you shall earn 36.5k per month.
36.5k amounts to 4.5 lacs annually.
(Let’s get back to what we had supposed in the beginning, that is, 4 promotions in 2 years, is itself a hefty task.)

==You can take Risk==

Yes, you can if your family’s financial conditions are nice.
What shall happen at worst?
You can work@ 10k per month after two years if you fail at all things you try.
My ideology is that if you work-hard extremely it must be for self-employed domain.

==What’s the risk==

Setting up a self-employed business and if you work-hard passionately day-in and day-out you can do so in 2 years.
Working hard to fetch a govt. job, there are many added benefits like Pay Commission after every 10 years apart from increments each year ( to hike salaries as per current inflations), work in small cities ( so, less expenses ), etc.
Even if you fetch a clerk job in govt. sector, the current salary would be around 20k per month.
From 1st Jan, 2016 7th Pay commission recommendations shall be effective.
(About 30% hike in salaries of all govt. employees).
So, the salary amounts to 20k+6k (30% of 20k) = 26k.
26k equates to 3.12 lacs. per annum.
There isn’t much difference (1 lakh) annually between a private job (Manager after 4 promotions & increments each year@4%) & one who becomes a clerk in 2018.
So, make a better choice.
Once you plunge into a govt. sector or private sector, it’s really difficult to interchange thereafter.

Hope you find this blog post valuable.

Share it to spread the word.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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