How to get better at decision making?

How to get better at decision making?

Simply take more decisions.
Think of the last time when you took a major decision?
May be appearing for an engineering competitive examination or preparing for GATE.
How often do we take decisions that can change our lives?
Not so often.
Taking a major decision after 2-3 years is quite long.
By this pace you shall take only 20-25 worthy decisions in your whole lifetime.
What you can do best to become good at taking decisions is by taking decisions often.


Take a decision pertaining to areas of your life you are not-performing-so-good-at every week.
It shall allow you to keep track on all areas of your life.
It shall allow you to keep progressing & getting better with each passing week.
By sticking to this simple rule you would have made at least 50 significant decisions in your life in a year!

==Bad Decisions==

Don’t worry if your decisions prove to be wrong in future.
It’s such bitter experiences that shall make you good at decision making.
It shall generate confidence in you to make better decisions and choices amidst devastating situations.
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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