Life is a bad draft.

Life is a bad draft.

Don’t mind your life to be a bad draft.
As some point in life owing to fears, lack of knowledge, expertise & skills, we design our life to be average.
We settle for mediocrity.
We start expecting fewer things from life.
We tend to believe that some people are born luckier.
We hardwire ourselves for ordinariness.

==Bad Draft==

No matter how your life has been so far.
It doesn’t count what your past is.
May be your life seems to be a bad draft based on your past experiences. Know that, “A bad draft can be EDITED”.
Your life can be edited and you are the EDITOR.

“Bad Draft” is not the problem; problem is not having a draft either. What you can edit on a plane paper?
It has to be a new beginning.
So, those with a “bad draft” have an edge over those who wish to begin their life.
At least you started your life, made some mistakes, and had some good as well as bad experience to your credit.


Don’t stop until your life resonates with your dream life.
Edit and edit often.
You can edit as many times as you wish.
Keep editing.
Edit bad relationships in your life.
Edit bad experiences from your life.
Edit failures from your life.
See relationships that couldn’t work out in a totally different light. Allow yourself to exit people from your life that degrades you. Don’t be afraid to make changes.
You are the Editor of your life, be responsible to make your life a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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