I’m excited about 14,000 days left

I’m excited about 14,000 days left

If you are in your twenties, if you calculate how much time is left for your stay on this Earth, it would amount to roughly 14,000 days. You should be excited about each day.

==No NEGATIVITY Please==

I ignore negative talks going around.
I pay no attention to people who say, “Nothing can be changed”. I don’t admire people complaining about life.
I don’t admire negative self-talks.
I just know that my time on this Earth is limited.
I want to give my best shot.
I don’t want to die with any regret.
So, I get up each day energetically to live my life fully.
I like meeting all the people I love and adore.
I get some time off to do what I love to do.
I love to ponder over life.
I love to pen down my thoughts.
I experience great joy in above activities.
I do my best each day to bring out the finest in me & the people around.

==Living Online==

I don’t chat on social networks (until it’s really necessary) because I believe that the person next to you is the most important person to explore.
I don’t like the mushrooming culture where people are talking to people on social networks sitting thousands of miles away, ignoring the ones sitting next to you.
Social networks are a good way to stay connected with friends. Still, I like real world more.
In fact, I’m addicted to it.
There are lots of things you can’t do on social networks.
There is another disadvantage about social networks that is it hides REALITY. On social networks people express their concerns but you can find same people irresponsible in real life.
People upload their best snapshots.
They like remembering those moments, commenting, re-liking,
acknowledging others comments, etc.
I love my real life, commenting online, liking people in real life, interacting with people, noticing their expressions, lending an ear to their fears and insecurities, etc.

==I have a DREAM==

Do have a dream.
It makes your life worth-living.
I remember the day when “I made commitment to go for my dream- NO-MATTER-WHAT”. Since then the life has turned out to be a blessing.
If you always say,”Kuch toh MISSING hai life main”, I tell you, IT’S YOUR DREAMS.
A pinch of dream shall revolutionize your life.
It shall transform your life forever.
Fulfillment of your dreams offers you a contented and fulfilling life. No-matter-what-may-come, go for your dreams.

==Attitude is EVERYTHING==

Have a positive attitude towards life.
“Mann ka ho toh accha na ho toh aur bhi accha” loosely gets translated into English as, “If things happen as per your wish, it’s nice but if they don’t then it’s great as they happen as per some divine force. Trust that divine force”.
To live a happy life it is necessary to have a positive outlook towards unfolding events.

==Accepting Criticism & Failures==

I no longer mind criticisms, failures, or rejections.
If you wish to play hard in life, don’t mind them.
They are inevitable in life.


The real question is, “Are you enjoying your life?”
If not, you need to make a shift in the way you are living your life presently. If you are preparing for a job or whatever it may be, enjoy the preparation period.
There is no much “liveliness” in reaching your destination without a sense of enjoyment.
You must enjoy your preparation time to an extent that “you may have lots of memories attached with that phase of life too”.

==Don’t take life seriously==

Take is lightly.
But be firm about your duties, responsibilities & dreams.
Everything else doesn’t count much.
You are put on this Earth with a role to play, play it better, and play it hard.

Above all, try to become the happiest, humble, motivating, inspiring, dedicated, optimistic, funny & down-to-earth person you have ever met. Let this world be touched by your work & your positivity.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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