How to live broken Life!

How to live broken Life!

Be practical in life.
Not all relationships shall sustain the adversities of time, not all dreams shall come true & not all promises could be kept.
We have to live with changed realities, broken relationships and dreams.

==Get a NEW one==

If your dream got shattered, don’t lose hope, get a new one. Replace your old dream with a new dream.
It shall make you lively.
It shall allow you to re-invent your life.

If your relationships broke, be open; allow new relationships to enter your life.
Know that it’s not always your fault.
Situations may not be favorable to fulfill some promises.
It may be hard to keep your promises in devastating situations. Give your best shot to fulfill your promises.
Once you have given your 100%, don’t mind failures in life,
relationships or academics.
There shall be lots of opportunities falling to you, just be conscious and prepared to reap them.

==Negotiate Promises==

In spite of your best efforts, sometimes, it may not be possible to keep promises.
Get in touch with the person with whom you made commitment.
Tell them the exact problem you are facing.
They shall acknowledge you & shall appreciate your honesty.
This shall help you to maintain your relationships intact amidst worst phases of your life.

==You have a Life==

Have faith.
It doesn’t mean that failing once in life closes all the doors to mega-living. Still you can be wealthy, have beautiful & nurturing relationships, and above all you can be HAPPY & CONTENTED WITH LIFE.
Irrespective of whatever happened in past, you can always be happy in life. Irrespective of failures in the past, you can have stunning successes in life. Don’t ever lose the belief that you can earn more and have a fulfilling life. Don’t allow filthy reasons to rule your destiny.
Don’t use excuses that other people use.
It’s not education, ancestral property, background, bad academics, etc. that stops you, IT’S YOU.
There are no boundaries to success.
You can still have a life you dreamt of by perseverance and commitment. It’s never too late to give wings to your dreams.
Say YES to your dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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