Never hesitate to take more assignments than you think you can complete. Assignments are great learning opportunities, don’t shy away from them.

==Getting Out of Comfort Zone==

Taking more assignments helps you to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t bother about deadlines, just work hard; you shall be able to finish them on time.
Even if you miss deadlines, inform the concerned person about the delay.

==Learning Opportunities==

Assignments are potential opportunities.
If you work upon them efficiently and productively, you will learn lots of new skills and techniques for doing certain tasks.
So, never be reluctant for taking assignments.
The work hard pays off, don’t be afraid.

==Building Connections==

Getting assignments from various sources helps you to build
connections that shall be highly useful in near future.
If your work is of desired quality, you may be recommended to other sources to.

==Art of Time Management==

It also helps you to make your own schedule to meet the deadlines. If you keep meeting the deadlines it helps you to form a habit, you become punctual and time-bound.
In the end, its habit that shape our future.
If you have good habits, in the long-term you shall succeed
irrespective of your past or present, your weaknesses, or any short-comings.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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