I will make my Mother proud: MYTH

I will make my Mother proud: MYTH

We all are loved immensely by our family.
Sometimes we deliver bad results.
Sometimes we do fail in life.
Sometimes we fall in the category of people who say “One day I will make my Mother proud”.
It’s a complete myth.
By thinking so, that you have to prove yourself to your family, you develop a feeling that they don’t love you because of your failures. They ignore or ‘don’t love you as they did previously”.
It creates a gap between you and your family.
You tend to believe that “their feelings have changed for you”. But the truth is ‘they still love you with the same intensity’. It’s just how you look at them.

==Live Well==

Don’t create any void in relationships.
Who knows till when it shall last?
When you achieve success and start believing that you are now likeable and lovable, they may be gone.
So, live well today with all members of your family.
Irrespective of what you have achieved success or failure, hug them today, if you feel sorry about any incident/ event tell them, they may hug you tightly & you shall receive the warmest feelings ever.

I believe in expression of feelings.
Sometimes, both sides of relationships feel guilty about some incidents. Sharing and opening yourself to those mistakes and saying sorry brings you closer to loved ones.
If you have created a wall of “proving yourself” to the world, break that wall. In life you will fail again and may be 100s of times in the near future. If you keep yourself holding back, you miss lots of love and affection on the way.
The people, who are near to you and love you from the core of their heart, still love you with the same intensity as in the past. So, break barriers if you have created any.
Go ahead, they are waiting for you!
They still love you, yes, yes, they really do.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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