I will become famous: MYTH

I will become famous: MYTH

If the reason you wish to become famous is to teach somebody a lesson. Stop.
It’s a wrong approach towards life.
The truth is nobody cares.
People just like to gossip.
Look at what most people are doing, they are just talking about people, complaining and growling.
So, if you become famous, if 2 people gossiped behind your back, now the figure would be in 1000s or more depending upon how famous you are.

==Live Happily==

That’s what is most important in life.
Ignore what people say behind you.
Focus on your work; it’s your work that counts the most.
The more you become famous, the more criticism you invite.

Swami Vivekanand, was criticized by Catholics in the WEST.
Mother Teresa, was very kind and compassionate, still was criticized for propaganda of Christianity.

So, here is the truth, however good or dedicated you may be, people will criticize you.
Therefore, you need to work relentlessly; irrespective of you is inviting appreciation or criticism.
You must be pure and dedicated towards a cause.
Let your work be so diligent and pure that it serves vast number of people. If you focus on what people say, you lose some precious minutes that could have been utilized for serving people in need.
Don’t let criticisms stop you from working hard and for a cause/purpose.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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