Here are your answers: Death

Here are your answers: Death

Most of the things we are scared of could be eliminated from our life if we could be conscious about death all the time.

How to start doing what you love to do?
You gonna die one day, so do it today whatever it might be.

How to forgive someone?
Your life is short, so you can.

Can we restart our life?
Yes, we can. You can always restart your life till you have one. Don’t hesitate to experiment often.

What if I fail?
Some may make fun of you.
But all of us die.
Neither you shall be here to listen about your failures nor those who said.

What is she cheats me?
Life is short & death is near. You can even be your own companion. Believe in “Bas Kuch Din Aur”.

What if my dreams don’t come true?
Life is short & death is near. “Jee lena- Bas Kuch Din Aur”.

If you look closely at life, it’s short & if you can live life keeping that you shall die one day, most things shall become futile to you. And that’s how life should be.
Death allows us to eliminate most of the things in life we fear or do without purpose.
I haven’t found any teacher better than death.

–I Respect Death—

It equalizes us.
Some may have developed ego of being superior owing to caste, color, fairness, money, status, & what not?
The irony of life is that we all find place in the lap of Mother Nature without being biased at the end of our life.
Nature is unbiased.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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