Get handy with technology

Get handy with technology

Technology changes rapidly the way we think and act.
Technological advancements have transformed our lives.
In this age of Internet, it is better to get handy with basics of computer & new evolving technologies.

As per my opinion they are:


Blogging can be used as to tool to share your views and understanding of life globally.
It shall allow you to have online presence.
It is naïve in this Information Age to be absent virtually.

–Personal Website—

A 10 pages website with what you believe the most in.
It shall be great if you can keep the content on your website short & concise. Let it act as an online CV.

–Microsoft Software Package—

Get familiar with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher (for creating personalized visiting cards), Outlook (to personalize and manage your e-mails) & Microsoft Excel (for maintaining a list of your clients and personal contacts).
It shall help you to get in touch with your clients when you have something exciting to share with them.

–E-mail Etiquettes—

Learn the art of writing engaging and beautiful-mails.
The response you receive depends upon how impressive you write your e-mails. This is the time when most follow ups take place through exchange of e-mails, so, it is really necessary to be able to write remarkable e-mails.

–Social Networks–

Be very cautious about what you share online.
You have a wide audience.
Use it strategically to do something worthwhile.
Use social networking websites with a vision and message.
Use it to get in touch with people of your profession.
This shall allow you to increase your knowledge of your profession by leaps and bounds.

Don’t shy away from technology.
By making use of it you can manage your life in a much better way. You can increase your productivity.
So, learn & get friendly with technological advancements taking place around you.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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