Your worth is $ 2bn

Your worth is $ 2bn

Did you ever try calculating your worth?
It’s $ 2bn.
Or it might be even more.
Thinking how?
Let say someone asks you to give one of your body organ in exchange of $ 2bn, will accept the offer?
So, your worth is immeasurable.
You are unique and have infinite potential.
The potential of mind is beyond imagination.

—You are awesome—

You are awesome creation of God.
You are simply priceless.
Never ever feel let down by anyone.
You are versatile.
You have hidden talents; you just have to discover those talents. Once you start working on your talents, you become unbeatable. You become unstoppable & the course of your life goes upside down. From a lazy person, you get transformed into active and energetic person. The transformation is possible only when you realize your worth. It becomes possible when you begin to believe in your potential. You discover new paths that never appeared due to lack of faith in self.

—-Do things that matter—-

Make a priority list.
As you have understood your worth, don’t do filthy things.
Dedicate your life for a larger vision & purpose.
Start doing what you always wished to do.
Remember, if you are not playing at edge, you are risk-averse. You are capable of doing more than you can ever imagine.
I don’t know what your dreams are but know that they are possible.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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