Review of “I Will Never Find Another You” by Kumar Kaustubh

Review of “I Will Never Find Another You” by Kumar Kaustubh


I Will Never Find Another You by Kumar Kaustubh

‘I Will Never Find Another You’ by Kumar Kaustubh is a touching love story. At some points ‘I Will Never Find Another You’ will leave you giggling and at another you may be touched by its romanticism.
The narration is simple and the language flows like fluid till the end. So, it keeps you engaging without much effort.
It’s a romantic ride without breaks.
It is studded with ample romantic poetries.

–> Moments from ‘I Will Never Find Another You’

“There is no difference between man and chameleon. Both change their color with the situation.”

“Never expressed love is not love; it is just an illusion of being in love. If you love someone madly, convey it otherwise it may be too late”.

–> The Story

The story is about Kumar Karan, in short KK, who after breakup from his girlfriend, Sara, is upset and tries to find solace in singing & aspires to be a famous rock star.
Karan is egoist & short-tempered.
Her mom insists her to accompany her to viilage, Devpur, Bihar for Karan’s cousin’s marriage.
In the beginning he is hesitant but after the breakup, to chin up his mother, he says yes.
7 days at Devpur change the course of his life.
He gets transformed into a caring and loving person by his beloved Vandana. Vandana is the desi-girl that had a crush on Karan since childhood. In childhood days they played with together, but as Karan moved to Jamshedpur, he almost forgot about her.
The 7 days at Devpur are filled with romance & chit-chats between Karan & Vandana.
These 7 days@ Devpur serve as the foundation of new life to Karan. He receives a call from K-series for an album.
Inspiration from Vandana helps Karan to launch a song on YouTube that becomes a sensation & he turns out to be rock start.
He is called for an interview by RJ Shabby.
In spite of success, will the love story of Karan & Vandana be successful? To know more grab a copy of ‘I Will Never Find Another You’ by Kumar Kaustubh through the link below:

Strong Points: Starting is very intriguing. Use of simple language eases ones to experience the love story much better.
“Thank you God for blessing me with Vandana.
I love you Vandana.”
Keeps popping after end of each chapter & one may start enjoying it soon.

Weak Points: The story at times become monotonous & lacks twists and turns.

Ratings: I rate it as 3.5/5

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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