How to remain happy always?

How to remain happy always?

I was in 9th class, my English teacher randomly asked in the class: Who among you all considers your life to be bed of roses?
I was the only one who rose the hand up.
She asked me: Why?
I replied, because I have been fortunate enough that my life hasn’t thrown at me any adversities in life so far. I love my life. (Let the truth be told till that time I hadn’t faced any rejection or failure. Everything was going pretty good in life).
I grew up. Situations changed swiftly.
I have witnessed 5 back to back letdowns in my life over the past 4 years. It was tough.
Life became unpredictable.
I wasn’t sure about how long the darkness shall prevail.
I wasn’t sure when things shall smoothen for me.
That was the time that changed the course of my history.
I began reading a lot of books to discover solutions to my life. I began reading quotes from famous personalities.
I started applying what they said.
I saved money to buy books that promised to change my life.
I read them.
After reading self-help books for over a year, I realized that nothing had changed in my life.
So, I switched to reading & applying principles thought in the books. I knew I have to make a big shift in the way I live my life. By failing over and over again by applying the principles I had read in self-help books, I discovered “how to be happy always”.

I share them with you all today:

–Never expect anything from anybody.

Expectations hurt.
Always keep in mind that whatever you need or expect from this life-you can always have them with your own efforts.
You need a big car, just work hard to get it.

–Have a pet.

They fill you with positivity.
Whenever I enter my room, two rabbits I keep, come near to me, they accept me equally for my failures as well as successes.


I’m not much interested in what others are doing.
I try to keep a close watch on my actions.
What am I doing?
What am I thinking?
It’s immaterial what other think of you.
What matters is just what you think about yourself.

–I’m going to die

Each day I recall that- life is temporary.
It shuns away all my fears & keeps me in present most of the time. I no longer look to past or think about future.
I’m born when I wake up & die when I go to sleep.
I live my life on each day basis with some goals to accomplish each day, to laugh each day, to do what I love to do each day & so on.

The best way to live a happy life is by knowing that you are going to die. In that way you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

–15,000 days

Our time on this planet is limited.
I have just 15,000 days to go.
That creates a sense of urgency to do what makes me happy.
I never fear to take risks because- we all die one day, it’s not by living longer that we adore our life but by living healthy & well. I want to make best possible use of my each day God presents to me.


Be open to failures.
Failures are inevitable in life.
Allow people to enter & exit from your life smoothly.
Don’t force them to be in your life.
Don’t be radical about ideas and your opinions.
Be open to others ideas & their ideologies.

Above all don’t take life seriously.
It’s damn temporary.

With Great Love,

Er, Amit Yadav


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