Be RANDOM today.

Be RANDOM today.

Due to our die hard habits we are quite predictable.
From the food we like to eat to our moods at different times of the day. God has given you a NEW DAY, 26th September, 2015; will you live it like you have lived it so far?
Or will you make it a happening?
Each day is a fresh start.
You can consider each day of your life as a page from “Your Life Book”. Do you know how many pages do your life book has?
Just multiply life expectancy (in years) by 365.
If you are young, you are lucky to have approximately 12,000 pages unwritten. Make sure to fill your each page with memories, work & at times randomness. Don’t be caught by the dogma that ‘you know the best way to live’. Keep experimenting till it gets better and better.
You are living your life wrongly if at the end of your day your heart doesn’t crave to shout: “MAZA AA GAYA”.

–> Why is it important to be RANDOM?

Randy Pausch pointed in his commencement speech, 2008;
“We don’t beat the Grim Reaper by living longer, we beat the Reaper by living well and living fully, for the Reaper will come for all of us. The question is what we do between the time we are born and the times he shows up.”

The message is: We have limited number of pages in our life’s book. Why to live monotonously?
Why to fill it with moments of anger, hurt or anguish?
Fill it with forgiveness, hard-work, laughter & randomness.

// be kind to someone today you have been rude to. They will be amazed to notice the change.

// be caring to an unknown person you meet today. Keep humanity alive.

// don’t give a damn to someone who criticizes you, just say, Thank You for your care & advice, I shall look into it.

// Sing a song loudly in bathroom. How long it has been since you did that?

// Give Away.
In life, you will meet people more deserving than you; shower your love to them. Give away ‘all that you no longer use’ to those in need.

// Write an Action Plan.
Design and follow religiously your action plan in order to experience ‘Life You Imagine for Yourself’.

// I will radiate positive vibes today.
Wear the perfume of positivity.
Touch the lives of people by actively listening, admiring & understanding them.

// I bow to the divine in you- Namaskar!

That’s what namaskar means.
Some fail to manifest their true potential.

// Telepathy

Hold on a thought about someone nearby you.
Repeat profoundly in the heart ‘I love you as my fellow being’; know that, it gets heard.

// There shall be something you always wished to do but always postponed due to your hectic schedule. You MUST do that today.

I’m sending this blog post with deep love to the cosmos, hope it transforms you forever!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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