Review of “The Outlander- Rise and Fall of an Empire” by Abhijit Haldar

Review of “The Outlander- Rise and Fall of an Empire” by Abhijit Haldar


The Outlander by Abhijit Haldar

I rate ‘The Outlander’ as 5/5 for original & unique concept.
“The Outlander: Rise and Fall of an Empire” by Abhijit Haldar is an enthralling work by the author.
Its plot is unique & exceptional.
I recommend it to those who no longer find love stories absorbing. I found “The Outlander” to be studded with inspiring and philosophical reflections.
“You don’t need to know anyone because your road of life will at any point meet someone else’s road that you don’t know, but they are connected to your life in a drastic way”.
At another instance, “Life is one time thing, you have to go & make things happen. Don’t wait for perfect moments & it is you who will make the moments perfect. Life is short but it is beautiful too. Walk it before it is too late.”
The “Outlander” is an adventurous story of Roin Avon.
Roin Avon aspires to be ‘Man of War’ or God.
He is the citizen of Dorin Kingdom.
Soon the war takes place between Dorin and the Wale Kingdom. Roin is worried about the consequences of the war.
He meets Ominion who tells that the only way to win the battle is by acquiring sword, Stalwart.
They began their search for Stalwart which is expected to be on the Sixth Mountain.
On the other hand, Creator and Gods continue their battle with Sinisters. Soon they reach at a point when they just seem to give up to Sinisters. After an arduous and fiery journey Roin gets the Stalwart.
Roin saves the Creator and God from the middle of the battlefield by magical Stalwart.
After escaping from battlefield they chalk out a plan to defeat Sinisters. The plan is to visit Kurmine tribe & participate in games to win weaponry. The story turns romantic and funny as the Creator, Gods, Ominion & Roin reach the tribe.
Roin meets his love, Gwenn.
Gwenn is captivating & mesmerizing.
Will the love story be successful?
Will Roin win the game?
Why Roin lived in solitude?
How is Roin different from others in Dorin Kingdom?
What’s the secret behind Stalwart?
What happened to Roin’s parents?

To know more and enjoy the audacious journey with Roin grab a copy of ‘The Outlander’ by Abhijit Haldar from the link below:

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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