Harsh realities of College Life

Harsh realities of College Life

When we start our college life typically at the age of 17-18, we have lived at least 5-6 years consciously (leaving aside our childhood that we don’t remember much).
I have witnessed in my life pure friendships when I was teen. I had little or no money but “innocence” ruled then.
Friendships then weren’t marked by caste, creed, sex, wealth, or any such parameters.
I found few who kept themselves behind the curtains during college life (as they believed it’s just 4 years journey ignoring completely the fact that it constitutes roughly 6% of ones life).
I can’t tell the environment at IIT’s or NIT’s but colleges beyond that have significant population of those “who are marred with low self-esteem due to failure in competitive examinations”.
Let alone students, faculties at times may indicate “you all are not serious and that’s why you all are here”.
You get to see few cheery faces when you visit college.
I also witnessed some discriminating and overpowering others based on their fluency in English, financial status (though none was from upper-middle class), attitude of looks or as simple as I come from a city while are you from a village.

–> Suicide

When I was in first year, we all were called for candle march at evening. Condolence gathering was organized for the death of one of our senior due to suicide next day.
It were declared holiday.
Next day, I heard two non-staff members discussing whether “that incident” shall tarnish the image of college or not.
How unsympathetic we become at times!

–> 16th December

A rally was organized to protest against the heinous gang rape that took place in Delhi in 2012.
It was our examination time; our first semester examinations were in progress. The next day was the paper of Engineering Mathematics.
We all were approached by seniors to join the rally that was soon going to start within an hour.
The irony is that “many chose to study and build their career” instead of joining the rally.
They are the ones who wither away in times of emergency because they don’t know how to deal with them.
Or they don’t essentially understand that sometimes “you have to compromise with marks to stand up for bigger causes”.

–> The Sweeteners

The ones who think they can fool others just by “Talking about HUMANITY”. Come on, it’s 4 years! Not 4 months.
Remember to live life with spine.
Don’t let the quest for marks or excellence in academics deter you from being a good human being at heart!
The words feel hollow when “we stop taking actions to help others and just rely on mere word “Humanity” to lighten the world.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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