FACE your life yourself guys, stop FACEBOOKING it.

This post has been published with permission from Mani Khanna (Book Reviewer & Blogger ) which was first originally published in a group.



WARNING: This post is written for masses not for a single
person. So if you think that you are the central theme of this
post, than rather than commenting here, please be mature
enough to face your problems rather than face-booking
Also, with this, I don’t intent to hurt someone’s feelings with
this post. This is just my personal opinion and advise.
Either take it or ignore it.
From the time, I‘ve been into book reviewing, one of the
most common things I have noticed is the kiddish behavior
of people of the writing industry.
A simple fight or argument is posted on Facebook along
with the snapshots.
Aren’t we sensible enough to handle things personally?
Leave being personally, don’t we know how to handle things
professionally because reviewing a book or promoting it is a
kind of professional relationship which an author-reviewer-
publisher shares. Not even a single day passes without any
such argument posts on Facebook which not only degrade
reputation of people associated with it but provide complete
entertainment to people friends with them in their profile.
(Also, the one posting the status or the snapshots already
blocks the people who are convicts according to the status
writer. I mean, how will the person related with your
argument be bothered when he/she is not even present on
your profile?)
How can you construct your own reputation degrading
someone else’s? Do you post arguments that you (maybe)
have with your parents? Or siblings or anyone you respect
that too tagging them with maybe voice recordings?
I think I would never want to degrade someone’s reputation
to build my own; maybe I am sensible enough to understand
the fact that Facebook is a networking platform that helps
you connect personally, professionally with people and not a
platform to post abusive, revenge posts about people whom
you held a personal or professional grudge against.
Just Imagine, Mr Modi sharing bad remarks about other
country’s PM on fb. Hah!!(That would be fun too, but I think
he is mature enough to know how things should work)
I am not against sharing the bad happening in the society
on FB, just make sure that the things you share are major
enough to get posted i.e. those that can’t be solves
A simple plea to everyone, please maintain some ethics and
standards of the WRITING industry and solve your problems
on personal chats rather than creating an entertaining scene
FACE your life yourself guys, stop FACEBOOKing it.

P.S. Once you are a famed blogger, understand that it’s a responsibility.
For more visit my earlier blog post :


With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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