You can take revenge when you are a Blogger

You can take revenge when you are a Blogger.

Once as a blogger you start receiving significant unique visitors and traffic you can indulge in defamation.
That’s great!
You can defame people who betrayed you or cheated you.
You can trouble them.
You can give them nightmares.
Before you do something like that, ponder over these questions. Is that ethical?
Is that what you wish to present to your audience?
Are you willing to use your blog as a platform to insult bad people in your life?
As Wayne Dyer said, “How people treat you is their Karma; how you react is yours.”
Always focus on your Karma.
It’s okay that you have reached at a point in life when you can teach lesson to some people.
Why to go for that when you can do something more worthwhile & fruitful. The real judgment of your character is when you can destroy someone’s life but still choose to forgive & move on.
The feeling you receive by this act of forgiveness shall allow you to win the worst battles of life.

–> Wastage of time

It’s a sheer wastage of time to fight with people.
You need not to correct them either.
You just gotta get out from their company.
You can use your time effectively to do something bigger & better in life. Only cowards strive for vengeance.

–> Money/Respect/Peace

Someone took your money, respect or peace.
Don’t worry, it all can be re-build.
Money can be re-earned (look at positive the side; you have got fire in your belly!).
Someone tried to defame you in the past, know that it doesn’t matter. (As far as my own experience is concerned, only few people really care about you & they don’t judge you by gossips but your deeds!). So, don’t give a damn to rumors.
By the way rumors make you famous and people start talking about you. It’s a great opportunity to seize & prove rumors wrong by your actions & become a real hero.
(If you succeed at it, it feels tremendous. If you fail, don’t care, as we cannot stop people from talking behind our backs).

As in Spiderman Movie, father of Spiderman said to him: “With power comes a responsibility”.
So, as you succeed in life and become a reputed person of the society refrain from filthy behaviour.
You can always forgive some people and move on.
That’s what gentlemen do.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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