Life@ One Year Offline

Life @ One year offline

I think everyone of us must go a year offline.
In this fast paced world, we get little time for introspection. After our job roles, we are left with small fraction of time each day considering time we have to devote to our family and friends. You may get distracted easily by media, money & glamour.
I had purchased new phone that didn’t supported internet.
You can also buy one like that.
It may be difficult to remain offline for a year otherwise.
(You can use internet café or friends phone to access internet)

–> Listening to your inner-voice

For that you may need to go offline.
As social networks are dazzling and distracting until you really understand how to use them flawlessly.
I had previously deleted my facebook account to figure out what I really wish to do with my life?
What I really like to do?
I read lots of self-help books including those of Robin Sharma, Paulo Coelho, Sean Stephenson, etc.
Then I came across “Rich Dad and Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki”. This book is unique and advocates building assets.
I wanted to create an asset (something that can add money to my pocket). I became an avid reader.
I was interested in writing too; soon, the idea of blogging came to my mind. Yes, there were fears, what others will say, what if people criticize and if it is worth doing when most are looking for jobs?
As I started blogging, people encouraged me to write more.
People appreciated it.
Meanwhile, I also started enjoying blogging.
Now, it’s like addiction.
If I don’t blog any day, it feels like a vacuum.

Then, finally on 26th April this year, I was again active on facebook. (Though I had joined fb in February but I hadn’t added any friends then, I was using the account to just receive posts from fb pages). I was prepared for a totally new life.
You are bound to experience “newness” to life if you are passionate blogger. My job today is to look for amazing things and experiences to share with my readers.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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