Why you need to ask Active Question’s?

Why you need to ask Active Question’s?

The bad aspect of asking Passive questions is that you sound professional. Answers to passive questions are either yes or no.
So, they don’t involve human-to-human interaction.
To get in touch with someone, to really have a good conversation or interaction, ask Active questions.
Let’s say: What you are grateful for today?
What was the weird thing that happened today with you?
What was the best thing about last weekend?
How well did you perform today at your work?
Was it satisfying?

It is really crucial to ask active questions as most of our chat on social media consist of: How are you? Fine. You tell? Okay, bye. Take care.
Active questions increase creativity and help to develop better human-to-human interaction.

Your time is precious.
If you talk to somebody for 2 minutes, it needs not to be a stale conversation. It should be beyond hellos and byes.
It should be soft and humorous.
It makes your conversation lively and active.
It should be a great learning experience for both the participants of the conversation.

–> Human to Human interaction

The best thing about human interaction is that the more you can speak openly about your insecurities or how you really feel; you invite more genuine people to your life.
So, be truthful in your conversations.
It shall allow you to amalgamate to people for long: at least in their minds.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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