I don’t know but WHY NOT?

I don’t know but WHY NOT?

It was a pleasure talking to Mrs. Rasana Atreya, few days back. She has authored: TELL A THOUSAND LIES, THE TEMPLE IS NOT MY FATHER & 28 YEARS A BACHELOR.
She advocates self-publishing over traditional publishing.
For more information, you can visit her blog: http://www.rasanaatreya.wordpress.com

I asked her if Blog Academies could be opened in India to train more bloggers from length and breadth of India.
She said I don’t know about it (blog academy) but why not?

–> Lesson for YOU.

Give wings to your creative ideas.
Work hard for them.
Always say “Why Not”.
Give a chance to your ideas that sprout in your mind.
What can happen at worst?
You may fail.
That’s it.
But what if that works?
Yes, what if that works?
Great people try and try until they succeed.

–> Kick-starter

It is by following our ideas that we generate passion.
It shall act as a catalyst.
You may end up building something that may serve millions of lives on the planet.
You may charge the environment with positivity and may inspire others to work upon their ideas.

–> Time Invested

To work upon your ideas require 2-3 months’ time.
It shall include research, finding out if somebody is already working upon it, getting right kind of information, getting in touch with people
Can’t you spend few months out of your life for an idea that may transform your life forever?
Think again.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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