Blogging: Ground-work for Authors

Blogging: Ground-work for Authors

Blogging is a good platform for aspiring authors.
If you wish to get self-published in future, blogging is a platform that you need.

–> Self-publishing

In recent times lots of vanity publishers have mushroomed who charge hefty amounts to just get you published, no longer serves a decent option.
Getting published traditionally is an upheaval task as for that you need to be famous.
So, self-publishing is for you if you-are-not-so-famous.
If you blog constantly, you shall garner followers.
You can get in touch with other bloggers too.
This builds an ecosystem of bloggers.
It shall help you to get featured on other blogs too as Guest. This allows you to “get reviewed by various bloggers genuinely” when you self-publish your book.

–> Learning

Besides providing you a chance to interact with fellow bloggers, you can use the platform to get in touch with authors.
You can ask for a review copy.
Most say “YES” and send you the copy of book to be reviewed. You can get your queries regarding “writing skills” get resolved.

–> Marketing

You can market your book using your blog.
It can spread the word about your book.
You can ask your followers to do the same.

–> Practice

For being a good author, one needs to practice writing a lot. You can start by making it a habit to write 500 words each day. After that you can begin writing short stories/poetry on your blog.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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