What matters is “How many turn up”

What matters is “How many turn up”.

Suppose you send an e-mail to 1000 people to get your query resolved. Remember, not all shall answer your question.
However, few will get in touch with you.
In life, what matters are people who turn up.
If you get caught in a terrible situation, the helping hands that come to your rescue are valuable.
You need not to focus on “how many people refused your idea”. Just be happy with how many liked it.

Same is true for business.
Not all prospects will convert into buyers.
Remember, people reciprocate.
If you make your customers feel “special”, they talk about it. They talk & discuss about your products.
So, if you value your customers, you will never need to advertise extensively. You can use the money saved in advertising for improving your product.

Research on twitter shows that “if you follow X no. of people then X/3 follow you back”.

The same principle applies to people in life too.
So, Help Help Help.
Many will help you out back.
By constantly helping out others we build an ecosystem that nurtures all the people around.
The best thing about networking with good people is that it becomes a part of your habit to help people around.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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