What makes you happy? Evolution

What makes you happy? Evolution

You may at some point of life think that it’s certain amount of money that shall make you happy.
A job gonna make you happy.
Or a relationship is going to make you happy.
But what really allows some to live a fulfilling & satisfying life is EVOLUTION. We are most happy when we grow to become a better person.

–> Evolution

Evolution involves pain.
Caterpillar evolves into butterfly.
The process is long & painful.
The nature reserves the same principle for us.
To develop into the happiest person we know involves, at first, some potholes & failures.
There shall be times when we get off-track to return back with more vitality & strength.
It is “the psychological edge or the mental attitude” we form as a result of suffering makes us happy.
It is the irony of life that to be truly happy one has to first experience unhappiness & sadness.
After hard-times we emerge as a better person.
In life the source of happiness is what we become.
Happiness in life is not about money or status.
It’s about better understanding of life.

–> Lessons

Lessons learned in bad times serve as torchlight.
The feeling that we didn’t gave hope amidst devastating situations & came out bravely harbinger’s profound love for ourselves.
We are not wired to be stagnating.
We love evolving just as nature has been ever-evolving.
So, to enjoy life to the fullest, don’t forget adventures it offers along the road.
The bumps in the journey of life are what make us evolving.
Have a great ride along the way with a grin on your face!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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