What NOT to share on facebook.

What NOT to share of facebook.

Though the power of social media has grown to become enormous, its usage can sometimes invite troubles to you.
So, being at comfortable side is a good strategy.

–> Personal Details

Don’t add your personal phone number to your facebook account. You can be traced on facebook through your number.
Just type “your phone number” in search people on facebook.
If you would have added the number to your profile, your profile shall appear. So, adding a phone number is risky & may get you in trouble in future.

–> Leave groups

Leave those groups that post obscene or vulgar posts.
Also, leave those groups that propel hate speeches against various religions. You may not be directly contributing to them still “you may come under the scanner of intelligence agencies” though you may be innocent. The ISIS or other terrorists groups are becoming active on social networks for their propaganda of terrorizing & expanding their ill business of terrorism.

–> Status/Messages/Comments

Don’t mess up with people whom you don’t know through comments. As I have seen some people having heated discussion on facebook. Avoid such things.
It’s all a sheer waste of time.
Facebook is full of people sharing negative things happening in their life, may be frustration, failures, etc.
If you can share something positive, do share it.
Because social networks act as amplifiers, what you share increases manifold.

–> Unfriend

You may need to unfriend some people from your friend list if they post hate speeches.
Get away from them.
They may become a cause of trouble for you.

Stay safe!
Connect with good people.
Use facebook for what it is meant for.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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