One day life will demand Self-learning

One day life will demand Self-learning

After doing your graduates, you may go for post-graduation.
You may further pursue PhD.
It may take around 30 years of your life to get written Dr. to your name. What after that?
The only option is self-learning.
If you wish to excel in life & career, you cannot ignore self-learning.

–> Self-learning

You can choose when to learn & from where to learn- it’s all up to you. You can decide the pace of learning as per your convenience. You can choose your mentors.
You can select the mode of learning.
Shall it be through traveling intensively?
Or will it be volunteering for a NGO?
Isn’t self-learning fascinating?
You can follow your passion.

–> Originality.

When we follow our own pace to learn something we always wished to absorb, there comes a point when we are ready to create something original & unique.
Market is flooded with lots of books but still there is void for something innovative.
Multitudes of movies are produced each year but still there is space to accommodate an exceptional movie.
It is self-learning that makes it possible to come up with new ideas & models. Just because someone implemented an unknown idea, the world never remains same. Innovations change the course of history.

–> Life-long.

Learning is life-long.
Keep on learning.
The more you learn, the better you shall be at handling your resources. More than ever, we need people who can make a dent in the universe. The problems the society faces today are complex.
To come up with a solution requires inter-disciplinary approach. To be able to apply inter-disciplinary approach one needs to read a lot. Get acquainted with existing models & think of ways in which you can use them to solve grave problems we face as a society.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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