How being Human simplifies your life.

How being Human simplifies your life.

Reasons how being human simplifies your life:

–> You focus on “things” that matters the most in life.

So, this allows you to de-clutter your life.
It further allows you to stop doing useless & unimportant things.

–> Forgive

You can forgive people for their bad acts because you understand that it’s their Karma.
You know “how you react to such situations is your Karma”.
So, you can be calm & forgive those who ill-behave to you.

–> You are Busy.

Just because you wish to do something for others, you have to work-hard besides your job.
You have personal goals to alleviate sufferings on this planet.

–> Your Actions

You understand that merely talking doesn’t serve the purpose. You are goal-oriented.
Actions are contagious.
If you keep firm hold on good actions, you can inspire people in your surrounding for the same.

–> You Love

Holding love for fellow beings allow you to lead a significant & happy life. You rejoice often getting to know successes of fellow beings.

–> Life is SMALL.

All great legends understood this.
They constantly focused on bringing peace over violence.
They gave up their lives for a better cause.
They lived & devoted their life for a purpose & mission.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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