You are broken, you can spread light.

You are broken, you can spread light.

Discovered this today in my bathroom!
It’s broken but still in working condition.


Spreading Light

–> We can spread light.

There shall be times in life when you shall feel shattered.
In those difficult days recall that “still you can spread light”. Still you can make someone smile.
Still you can look for new ways to reach to a solution.
Still you can be happy that you are ALIVE.
Still you make keep an ear to someone in distress.
Still you can decide to fight back your fears.
There are still thousands of things you can do to uplift yourself & others. In words of Mother Teresa, “If you are feeling helpless, help someone”.

–> You have a contribution to make.

Let each second of your life be a contribution to this world. We are here for a very short-time, do something that makes this world a better place to live upon.
Feeling hurt or broken is temporary.
If you persist, you shall soon get over them.
But scars of not trying shall are indelible.
So, try hard to get over negative emotions swiftly.
Be an epitome of compassion; consume yourself to light up this world. Your sacrifices shall make you strong.
The people who do daring things are the ones who have witnessed plenty of hardships in life.
Be among them!
Be courageous & fearless.
A life of abundance awaits you.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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