Live for one-day: Simplify your life.

Live for one-day: Simplify your life.

Most problems in our life are caused by focusing either on the past or future. Few live in the present.
If you wish to excel in any area of life, this technique will help you to simplify your complex life.

–> Live for 1 day.

Focus on following day.
Make a list of 3-4 things that you wish to do tomorrow.
Strictly follow it.
Don’t let your past steal you day.
Don’t let future anxieties take you away for having an awesome day.

# Advantages:

You are free from the chains of the past.
You are free from the shackles of future worries.

–> Realistic Goals.

You can divide your long-term goal into very small daily assignments. It shall help you to keep a check on the progress of your long-term goal on each day basis.

–> Planning

The dilemma of planning for 10 years is quite complex as your life would involve many twists & turns.
No amount of training can prepare you for that.
What at best you can do is being happy with what you hold presently while you work for your dreams.
Living on philosophy of one-day helps you to chalk out a better plan. You can live your day to the fullest.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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