I learn a lesson each day.

I learn a lesson each day.

How I write a blogpost each day?
Most blog posts are derived from day-to-day experience.
Each blog post offers an intrinsic lesson.
There are many ways to learn something each day besides academics. The following have been greatly helpful to me:

–> Observe your surrounding

Observe people around you.
Each one of us is fighting a battle.
We all are confronted to upsetting situations over & over again. See how every one of us is struggling to improve our quality of life. You will discover motivation in your surroundings.
Someone among you would be working relentlessly for his dreams. Isn’t it a kick-start for you?
Notice old age people.
Aren’t they working hard & active?
So, what is it that stops you?
You are young & energetic.
You need to channelize your energy into positive direction.
Utilize your hidden energy to build your character.
Become unsettling.
Don’t compromise with your dreams.
You have the requisite capacity to fulfill your dreams despite your problems & obstacles.

–> Strike a conversation

Ask casually: why you work so hard from a hard-working person. Ask more questions from people whom you find little different. Request your queries to be answered by people who are madly following their dreams.
Ask them what make them work so hard?
What is that that gives them the necessity to relentlessly work for a cause? What is that that gives them the courage to follow the path of their heart?

The answers shall surprise you.
The answers shall ignite you.
This activity shall help you to become a better person.

–> Introspection

Ask yourself:

Why you don’t help enough people?
Why you don’t follow your dreams?
What is that that stops you to make your contribution to humanity? Why you don’t work-hard?
Why aren’t you happy?
Keep on asking questions; sooner or later you shall get your answers. These ‘answers’ are your lessons.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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