How I handle intentional insults.

How I handle intentional insults.

It’s very easy to handle insults if you can do one thing.
Not a big deal, just one thing.
Whenever someone tries to be-little you or insults you intentionally, just remember one thing, WE ALL DIE.
Basically it’s lack of understanding due to which people do such filthy stuffs. Some may try to be-little you on the basis of financial status. Some may do so to gain prestige among peers.
Some may simply do so to feel powerful.
So, you can let them go off happily without holding any grudge.

–> What’s there for you?

If someone is letting you down, it’s a lesson for you.
You can commit yourself not to do so to your subordinates.

–> We All Die.

No worries.
Don’t think what one says about you.
Don’t give a damn to what others think about you.
Be at peace.
It is your peace that counts.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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