Can writing down your thoughts make you positive?

Can writing down your thoughts make you positive?

Penning down your thoughts not only make you conscious about your dominant thoughts but also have the power to shift your focus to positive things in life.
It’s a great technique to bring you back to the present.

–> How to do it

Get into a quiet place.
This activity needs to be carried out in solitude.
Take a pen & paper.
Start writing your thoughts.
Write whatever goes into your mind.
Go on writing for 15-20 minutes.
Now, analyze what you have written.
Are they positive?
Is someone in your life concerning you?
Is it past that is creating hindrance for you to lead a happy & fulfilling life? There would be something that makes you feel hurt, impotent or remorseful. It can be broken relationship, debts, health or a missed opportunity.

–> Next step.

Next step involves fixing issues that pull you into past.
How can you let go off such issues in your life?
Answer is: by looking at positive sides of such adversities.

Now, write down what you learned from those circumstances.
Recall how they have changed you completely.
The “new” person in you has the potential to turn misfortunes into fortunes. Become conscious of the fact that devastating situations have given you a new life.
You have successfully come out from them alive, you are awesome. Give a pat on your back!

–> Make a list

Prepare a list of things you learned from adversities in your life. These lessons are invaluable.
They shall always guide you amidst chaos & confusion.

Constantly writing down positive thoughts enables you to look at optimistic side of life.
Whatever we focus on grows.
So, as you make it a habit to write down something positive, you shall experience greater positivity in your life.
This is the reason I took it as a challenge to write positive blogposts & believe me it has made me a lot optimistic & positive than I was in the past.
Wish you the same.
Hope you emerge out as the most positive persona among your
surrounding & inspire people to live a more exuberant & happy life. Good Luck!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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