Review of ‘Boarding House’ by Vandana Singh

Review of ‘Boarding House’ by Vandana Singh


Boarding House by Vandana Singh

‘Boarding House’ by Vandana Singh is a nice read.

The Author has touched very magnificently ‘what concerns most humans’. It can be craving for being loved or to be treated equally & respectfully. We all want to be loved, cared & pampered.
But as we move outside our family, we encounter people with little or no humanity.

The story is about Varsha, who gets separated from family & left in a boarding school.
She was attached to her family to great extent.
Her love for siblings is self-evident.
She constantly witnesses ill-treatment from others despite being nice to them. No matter if it’s India, Cambodia or USA, she discovers same fate of being used & abandoned.
In hostel, she finds it difficult to get along with rich girls & their indifference.
She does poor in her studies.
She is traumatized frequently by her child abuse experience. This bitter experience makes her reluctant to get married.
She gets in love with Ali & that fails in the end to leave her more hurt & long for love.
In the end, she finds Blacks to be welcoming & caring.
How long shall that last if one is destined to betrayals?

It is a wonderful story that brings beautifully descriptions of various cities (especially Rajnagar), religions & cultures.
The book explores comparison between ideologies in the West & East. The best thing about ‘Boarding House’ is that one can easily relate to the feelings of Varsha.

To grab a copy of ‘Boarding House’ by Vandana Singh, follow the link below:

I rate it as 4/5.


Boarding House by Vandana Singh

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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